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We are a collective of filmmakers from Columbus, Ohio who specialize in sharing the work of young artists. 

Below you can watch our most recent collaboration with the incredible chalk art group Dangerdust.



Michael Polk

Michael graduated with degrees in Film Studies and History from Ohio State University in December 2012. He is now the Digital Media Assistant at Columbus-based production company MediaSource.  He is the director of The Making Co.'s first film Making Mail: A Documentary.  He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and still loves it, surprisingly.

Seth Radley

Seth graduated with a degree in Film Studies and Political Science from Ohio State University. He works as a freelance filmmaker and ice cream person in Columbus, Ohio. He loves road trips, comedy podcasts, food trucks, and you.

Alexa G. Sison

Alexa is from Cleveland, Ohio. She is passionate about working with older adults with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. She is currently a videographer and graphic designer at ClientSI. She loves learning about people, obsessed with X-men, and she's addicted to Brisk Iced Tea.